Red Carpet on Queen provides some of the best health, beauty and well being treatments. Our concept is very simple as we are also into eyebrows services for men and women.

Endermolift is an Anti-Aging Facial Treatment with Immediate Results

For our Endermolift treatment at Red carpet on Queen we use the state-of-the-art LPG machine for Endermolift treatments to provide a 100% natural, pain-free, anti-aging treatment to redensify your skin and roll back the hands of time.

Endermolift offer immediate results, including a healthy glow and a natural, soothing lifting effect.

The micro pulsation of LPG’s patented lift heads creates a delicate tissue wave that gently stimulates the skin, therefore giving you the desired results.

Each session’s results add up to fill in wrinkles, redefine contours, and improve your complexion.



$150(Per session)
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Facials Endermolift L.P.G. Women/Men

$100 (35 min/session)

Eye treatment Crow’s Feet Women/Men

$40 (15 min/session)

Double-Chin Fat Removal Women/Men

$40 (15 min/session)