Cidalia Lopes is a Portuguese Canadian resident of Toronto; she has been in Canada since 1991. Born in Angola from Portuguese parents and went to live at her parents’ home Country with the tender age of 10 after the war broke in her Country, which is when she went to Portugal for the first time.

Cidalia’s aesthetics background comes from her family in Portugal who all own Spas and/ or Salons in Portugal as well as France.
She loves anything aesthetics, with twenty years in the field, she took her skills to another level in 2009 when she took the Medical esthetical course.

Cidalia has been married for 25 years and now has two children. Her biggest success in life has been her happy marriage and her husband’s dedication and help in supporting her dream to own and manage her own spa, as well as her daughters continued support.
Red Carpet Queen has been what Cidalia’s hard work and dedication has been all about and it is paying off, she is going on three years, and now with her 50th Anniversary coming up she is making a Red Carpet Queen type of celebration where there will be prizes and discounts on all services from Red Carpet Queen.
Red Carpet Queen is the Toronto niche for the famous; many movie and TV stars already use the services of Red Carpet Queen Treatment but the doors are open to everyone at very affordable prices!

Cidalia hopes to change the Medical Esthetics in Ontario and is working on making that change happen one barrier at a time.

Come meet Cidalia Lopes she is at the Salon from Monday until Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday, book your appointment at (647)347-3327 and visit the website at