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First LPG Lipomassage treatment

I cannot believe these pictures.

This new client brought a small halt on the left hip, which practically disappeared with only one LPG Lipomassage session.

People ask if treatments are effective.
Here is the proof that this system works.
Of course the results are faster or slower depending on the customer.

LPG is designed for body contouring, slimming and tissue revitalization. The approach of this machine is based on the principle of mechano-stimulation and can be used for face and body. The techniques of lipomassage performed with it awaken dormant cells and reactivate their natural mechanisms. You will loose centimeters around you ties, stomach and buttocks. That we can promise to you.

If you decide to look really attractive this year, start now and you will be able to show your legs before this summer !

And how does it work?

In Red Capet on Queen,  you get your own nailon body that you need to wear each time. You lay on the table and the pleasure begins.

You are being rolled in, rolled out, tapped and so one. Together with the aesthetician you decide weather you need contouring, slimming or tissue revitalization.

Each time you have to drink a lot of water after the treatment. You should drink it anyhow! It is suggested that you keep the treatments all year long in order to maintain the  current state of your looks. For better results you can take a set of treatments before summer.

You want your buttocs to be really tight on the beach, don’t you?

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Only ONE treatment – Rosacea Facial

First treatment of our Rosacea Facial! Beautiful lady with beautiful skin.

Great Results!

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1st Endermolift treatment

No Filter! Just pure beauty! You've got to try this folks! Non-invasive! No Needles! Just Science at its best! Endermolift is from Montreal Canada.

Call for your complimentary consultation: 416-857-2239